Zumo Security Screw

Did you already lose your pesky little Garmin screwdriver and are now stuck with your Zumo firmly mounted on your bike?

How many times have you cursed the finicky little thing, fumbling for the screw driver on your key chain and wondering why on earth Garmin didn’t make the top at least rotate so you do NOT have to turn your entire key chain to unscrew your Zumo security!!??

It was the very first thing I noticed and wondered about when I experimented locking and unlocking my Garmin Zumo, even before putting it on the bike. No matter how much I LOVE the Zumo, this is just plain stupid!

Fortunately, there is a solution:

Yes, a replacement screw. One that does NOT require a finicky screw driver and lots of patience !

Here’s how it compares to the original kit: screw and two-part screw driver versus 1 stainless steel, hand-turnable screw:


Below two pictures from Marco Boelis’ website, showing the screw ‘in action’….



And after putting it to good use on my own installation.

The first picture is riding mode….. the second what happnes if the latch flips up accidentally with the screw in place: nothing !

And the last shows that the Zumo can be taken out by unscrewing the screw.






Marco’s GPSParts is in The Netherlands and you can read more, see prices and order on his website here.





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