Your OWN website !?

Riding our motorcycles is a ‘seasonal thing’ for many of us. The bike goes in storage come end of Fall en stays on a charger until March or so. And what better to do in that ‘dark, bikeless period’ then to read and WRITE !?

Since I run a web hosting and design company as well, I figured why not use the skills, contacts and resources to offer cheap websites to bikers, and perhaps even motorbike clubs? Get your own blog and collect your news, ride stories, accessory preferences, travel plans and perhaps even a forum, and maintain it yourself.

All that will be offered for only $ 30 a year…… soon ! Of course you’ll have to learn to ‘manage’ the site a little, but the WordPress software that we use will make that really easy. And, if you want or need more, you can hire our additional services of course.

Only in Summer we’ll be on the road……. like you will be !

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