What we do

We HELP you tour and enjoy some of
Europe’s best roads and regions

Focused on helping American tour riders get around in Europe initially, we also provide other services to ANY motorcycle tourist to Europe. Provided we have the time and the ability of course.

Although most of the texts on this page are still very valid, we NO LONGER provide guided tours ourselves. Instead EuropeRides has turned into an INFO SITE, with contacts all over Europe and the US. We still provide personal services to tour riders, where and whenever we can, but are no longer offering tours ourselves.

How it started

The idea behind it was born when reading so many comments on one of my favorite forums, the BMWSportTouring forum in the US. There I showed bits of my riding adventures through ‘ride tales’ accompanied by my photographs. It is mainly an American community, with a few Europeans thrown in. At one point I invited one of its members, an American gentleman who planned on a prolonged visit to Europe, to show him the sights, roads and some history of our continent. That prompted quite a few reactions of folks who would love to do the same, and have me around for some of the time ! Which of course sounded very appealing, given that I love nothing better than to tour some of the nicest places of Europe on my BMW. Unfortunately I can not ride all summer for the heck of it and not make any money. So there and then the idea was born to make some sort of a business out of it.


That’s me and my kid brother as pillion….. back in 1959 – my first bike !

 The initial plan

Initially I planned on providing HELP to ride around Europe, primarily aimed (but not limited to) American tour riders. That help could consist of a number of things: 1. full riding tour including lodging and bike rental (limited availability of course due to – for now – one-man business) 2. just help in getting lodging and/or bike and/or routes to ride 3. publications for helping do-it-yourself riders get started and get around 4. any other custom services as requested, where possible

Where and when

There were and are four main areas of MY interest, for riding. But having traveled Europe extensively for the past 45 years or so (yes I started young!), virtually ANY place can be discussed. To start with the main areas ‘serviced’ now are:

1. The Alps

2. Normandy, France

3. Italian Dolomites and Umbria

4. Netherlands, Belgium. Germany

When ?

We started the tours in 2007 on a very modest scale. We did ‘test rides’ in the fall of 2006. And we had a great tour ourselves in the Summer of 2007 to Italy and France. So, basically, we were in business as of 2007 !

The initial concept

There are many other organizations providing you with similar services, tours and rentals. Many exist over 25 years and are well organized, experienced and solid businesses.

So where did I come in!?

Of course with my 55+ years of age and many years in executive positions in various industries, I too am well organized and experienced…. <cough cough>.

Seriously; my riding focus was on a more PERSONALIZED approach, with ‘groups’ limited to 2-4 participants ideally. And although this is all about traveling on a motorcycle (either your own or a rented one), I did NOT organize ‘racing courses’. The emphasis was (and still is) on SEEING some of Europe’s most interesting places, landscapes, roads and people, all enjoyed ‘in good company’.

I did not intend to compete with the likes of Edelweiss Tours and other such larger operators. If you want a 110% arrangement with larger groups of bikers, ‘follow cars’, first class hotels and the lot, then by all means, check out their wonderful brochure and offerings!

I did it because I love to travel, love to ride and love to help people learn more about our continent. And although I need to make a living AND pay for my bike cost, I do not need to, nor want to, get rich of it. Owwww… dishonest competition!? So sue me ! ;-)
That does NOT mean it was cheap…. Europe is an expensive place these days, unfortunately, but we’d help you keep the cost down where we could.

So as of Autumn 2016 we now only offer links to OTHER touring companies….. AND a load of interesting information on Motortouring Europe in general. So our website will be maintained and continue to offer info, together with some of the other sites I run on the internet!

We still hope to see you on the road, in any one of our favorite places.
Safe travels!

Nina and Francois

And although we ride a BMW 1200 GS LC now, I leave the above picture up because it shows us in a flattering style AND because the 1150RT in the picture was our first 2-wheeled BMW…. and it took us all through Europe !

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