We’re off to the States

Yes, and sooner than expected. When we did our wonderful Florida Trip back in 2007, followed by our visit of Seattle and Vancouver, we didn’t expect to ‘be back ‘ so soon. Although, soon….. it’s been 3 years already since our wonderful meetings with BMW riders (and fellow pilots).

This time we’re heading off to Aruba first, to celebrate Vivian’s birthday there.

After that it’s off to Florida for a few days (family and business), and then on to Seattle again where our friends Della and Barry are waiting for us. We’ll hop into Alaska together and do some flying there, before visiting more of the PNW.

And then for the last two weeks we fly down to San Francisco Bay area to meet up with our friends Jacqueline and Richard AND with a horde of other BMW riders of the area .. and far beyond.

All of our adventures can be followed on my ‘regular’ blog (CLICK HERE) and on Facebook of course (what would the world be without Google, facebook and Twitter, eh? ).

Oh, and by the way, my latest ride report can be found HERE on BMWST.com.

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