The Splügen Pass the other way

Here’s a great movie (15 minutes !) of the Splügen Pass (or Passo di Spluga, in Italian). This is the ONE pass that gave us a little trouble, of all the 40+ years of crossing the Alps.


We came DOWN on the Italian side, whereas the film maker goes UP.
Also, he has a GS, which obviously is slightly better turning than our RT :-)


I came down through a tunnel and could hence not see below (to my right). Immediately after the tunnel was one of the narrowest hairpins you’ve ever seen, and a steep one as well. A guy in a Fiat (what else) came up fast, so I had to stay on the inside of the turn. VERY cramped. I pulled my front brake ever so slightly with two fingers, but it still was too much. The bike went from very slow to stop… and we keeled over.

Just minutes before I discovered in the dark tunnels that my headlight was out!


After this little adventure we stopped in the next village to have a coffee, examine the one little scratch on the side case, and change the light bulb.

The turn of our little mishap is exactly at 3:50 minutes into the movie ! The one with the cars piling up….. it IS the worst turn of the route indeed !


Oh, and if you want to do the beautiful Splügen Pass but NOT drop the bike on that particular stretch on the Italian side, then take the exit to Isola. It will take you into the valley more gradually and you’ll rejoin the SS36 AFTER the old goats trail !


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