Road conditions in Umbria

Nina and I just returned from a 6-day trip to Umbria in Italy and found the roads to be as bad as ever.

Should you be planning a ride into Umbria in Italy, then be advised that even the main through roads there are in very bad shape. The province doesn’t have money and most main roads are littered with potholes, only with some tar poured in here and there….. which with air temps of 40C an more is quickly coming out again!

The Dolomiti roads (Alto Adige and Friuli) and Toscany roads are in much better shape.

We would advise NOT to ride at night (you won’t notice all the holes in time) and be very careful by day, especially on the faster roads (4-lane through roads).

Umbria and its thousands of ancient little towns is still VERY MUCH worth a visit ! Just be careful!

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