Riding up Col de l’Iseran

Yesterday Nina and I decided to benefit from more cloudless sky and ride up to the Col de l’Iseran (Iseran Pass) that connects Val d’Isère – the famous posh winter sports resort) and the Maurienne Valley and Modane on the other side.

It was HOT in the valleys, up to 30 C, and fresh up on the pass which is up at 2770 m elevation (9087 feet). Not high to US standards, but wait….. the roads up aren’t the same as in the US either *grin*.

If you have any doubt about your ability to ride straight while having a 3000 feet drop with no protection on the side of the road….. then don’t attempt this pass.

It is in fact not difficult in terms of riding, only few hairpins and dead corners, but a very narrow road and awesome drops to the side.

I made a movie going up, but will need to work on it to cut it into pieces worth viewing.

Here are some pictures of the pass itself, and Nina’s beer afterwards!



I had a LARGE ice cream too, but was so busy indulging in it that I forgot to make a picture…. of course….

Today we MAY do the Madeleine again…. our final day of riding here before we load up to head south to Montauban !  

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