Ride to French Riviera (2)

Here’s Part Deux of our second day riding south…… most pictures are by Nina again, after we dropped our last pair of  batteries into her Coolpix !

Here we are arriving at the town of Grasse. Back in 1994 we stayed here in a horrible little hotel, mosquitoes and bug infested with 2 inches of dust atop the closets and furniture. So we’re not so fond of the place.

Fact is that it is the world’s birth place of PERFUME ! So you see perfume shops, factories, advertising and markets everywhere. Must be the lavender fields growing to the west of here….

Looking out over the old town center and church down below. On a clear day you can see the Mediterranean from here !

I chose a ‘direct route’ through the town and making a shortcut. I figured the main roads would be tourist-infested and would hold us up too much. I was wrong.. the small streets and traffic cost us almost an hour !

Finally, cleared the old town and its small streets and heading for the suburbs….

Nina just liked that tree !!

The sea at last !!!

Just as we remembered it. To the left is Cannes, world famous for its Film (Movie) Festival. You can just see one of the huge cruise ships too…


From here it was just another 10 miles or so along the coast road to Theoule

We just love the bougainvilla flowers hanging off all walls here !!

All the way to the south east, south of the Alps, you’ll find this red rock. Just like in Utah !

Theoule, our destination, is just below that radio antenna in the distance…


But…. the ‘compound’  has a locked gate with a digit code that we don’t know. And there is no intercom. So time to park the bike and get on the cell phone to call for help !!

The ride took us a little over 5 hours (less than 200 miles), so the normal average I would say. Didier of course would have done it in little over 1 hour… in his aircraft.

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