Returned from all travels

EuropeRides is one of my worst maintained sites and I apologize for that. Just not enough time in our lives to do it all…. but still trying !

We’re back from a very busy Summer and Fall. We spent time riding in France, the Alps and the Côte d’Azur this year. And we had our special adventure in the Italian Dolomites, trying to get a new rear tire and hurting the car in the process. Much stress ! But a few good rides on the awesome Dolomiti passes too….. and outside the main season again, so nice and quiet !

Upon return Nina and I acted as the Dedicated Reporters on the yearly Schipper Tour, shooting pictures of it, and enjoying a day’s ride with our old riding school and some of its ex-students!

We then ‘had’ to travel to Paris to attend the Mondial de Simulation (the big (flight) simulation event at Le Bourget) for my main line of work, which is publishing Flight Simulator add-ons.
Then I had another one of such shows, but now in The Netherlands. And right after that we left (on a plane) for Italy to assist in the olives harvest at our friends’ place in Umbria, witnessed the olive oil pressing process, visited Rome and had way too much to eat.

Through all of this I tested the Contour HD helmet camera, found it to be faulty, and only just now had it replaced with a good one. So I’ll HAVE to do all those passes again next year !!!


Winter still isn’t upon us, so I rode the bike to Lelystad yesterday on yet one of my other activities; being volunteer at the Aviodrome, our national aviation museum. Bit cold, but good riding.
Next step will be to get a Michelin Pilot Road 3 on the front tire too, to join the one on the rear.
After that we’ll see what riding will be done this winter !


Last but not least I am adding new links again to the site. I’d like top present Ride-on MotorTours here, the company of Dafne and Bob de Jong, specializing in some wild touring all over the world. You can find their website here, and I’ve also added it to the ‘Links’ page underneath our Partner page !


More news when we have it, and I am sure I’ll add some stuff about the winter road conditions when the time comes !


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