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A collection of pictures and stories about the places I would love to take you. All photos are made between now and 2005, on motor and other trips. There are many more stories with pictures on my ‘travel forum’.

Normandy, France

Visiting the Normandy area, the place where Operation Overlord took place (WW2 D-Day), remains a special event for me. Seeing the relics left behind, imagining the epic battle that took place there, will always be something ‘special’. Normandy is NOT only the D-Day beaches, but rather a lovely, and sometimes rugged, province of France with LOTS of history and great places AND roads to visit. Let me take you along through my photos……

The Netherlands

My country of origin, although my ancestors came from France at some point in history. The Netherlands, or Holland, haa a lot of special things to see, places to visit, history to share. Not so many special roads, but one can awe at many things in this little country by the sea….. taken FROM the sea to a large extent. Dutch engineers, ship builders and seafarers are famous the world over. And so are its medieval towns and castles, its windmills and dikes. A collection of pictures from the country with the world’s tallest people…..

The French Alps

The Alps (Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France) are my favorite place on this earth. Always have been, always will be. I was born in the wrong place, karma! I have been so obsessed by the mighty mountain world that we finally bought us a place smack in the middle of it, in a little village called Les Allues, in the French Savoie region. It has been our base for countless treks over Europe’s highest mountain passes, both by car and motorbike, walking the mountain goat paths around us, or just sitting on our balcony taking it all in.

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