Our new company car

We bit the bullet and traded our Jeep Cherokee for a brand new company car: a Mercedes Viano diesel MPV that seats 4 (or even 5 if needed) PLUS a huge luggage compartment. And of course it has a hook to tow the bike trailer.

Although this was the biggest investment so far for our little company, we are very happy with it and put it to the test with a 4000 km Alps tour last week, taking some people from Seattle through 8 countries in 8 days ! It performed wonderful, is very comfortable and for once we did not have to watch our luggage quantity!

The Viano is equipped with snow tires, climate control, traction control, anti-skid, automatic hill-braking, ASB, ESP and some other nifty electronics to make it safer. In the 4-person configuration it has 4 captain seats for comfortable traveling.

The Merc will be used for drive tours, photo tours and for Silver Cloud Publishing too of course….

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