One of the Annual Dutch RT meetings

Yesterday was our yearly DUTCH RT Forum meeting and in spite of the bad weather along the way and at some parts of the tour, we had well over 130 bikes turn up for the get-together, subsequent tour and (inside) barbecue.

Due to time constraints I only did half of the actual tour and after having a late lunch I returned to the starting point with some of the organizers.
Riding back took us through one horrendous hail storm… I was afraid the stones might chip off the paint of my Schuberth !!!  
We were just about to pull over under an overpass when the visibility returned, so we pressed on and got safely back to the restaurant.
Of course I had been riding with my rain gear on all day, EXCEPT at that very moment… I’d left my rain trousers off after lunch, knowing it would only be a short ride back and having had no rain all morning !
Typical !

When riding home at 3:15 I caught another bad shower, but now I was fully prepared again, so only my gloves got a bit mushy…..

Here’s some pictures of our already 4th meeting !

Kenny is from New York originally, and like me started his own company after losing his corporate job and career. He now runs a bike repair shop, does my maintenance and built this wonderful RT during the past Winter months


This was the ‘staff photographer’ threatening to squash one of the organizer’s RT’s with his little old Fiat !!!


We were the last group to leave on the tour…….. my RT now feels lonely !


Time for lunch !!!!! With happy RT riders !

We truly enjoyed our ‘day out’ in spite of the cold (it was 7 C when I left and 11 C when I returned) and the wet. Looking forward to next year already!

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