Next Rides and Activities

DSC_8976The good news: WINTER IS OVER !
You may think “well, duh!”
But really, this winter has been the longest for many decades and although I have been riding our GS in France a few times along snow lined mountain roads, and the RT here in Holland in between frost periods, last week was the FIRST time THIS YEAR that Nina and I mounted up and rode along the West-Frisian country roads again!

So what’s next? Ride whenever the sun is out !! AND…..

…… the RT Treffen on APRIL 21st. That’s the now yearly meeting of BMW RT’s (mainly) of the members of the Dutch RT Forum !

Next will be EuropeRides BUSINESS (and as you know, my business is FUN!), driving around with four sweet ladies from Texas and showing them around our wonderful North Holland and Utrecht provinces. EuropeRides Guiding, as it were. We have rented a luxury minibus and will show them a real 400 year old windmill (of course), an even older medieval castle, dikes, polders and ancient Golden Age towns along the former Zuiderzee coast !

After that tour we’ll ride down south to visit the Militracks event at the Overloon War Museum on May 19th! It is where they have a bunch of old WW2 vehicles RUNNING through the woods on the museum grounds. Check it out here !

On the last day of May I’ll ride the RT to Frankfurt for our annual ex-employee meeting (as European IT director for a large US marketing research company I worked as interim IT manager in Frankfurt in the ’90’s and we kept in touch ever since).

And in the first week of June Nina and I have a few days booked with friends for a visit to Berlin…… our first ever surprisingly!

After that it is off to the mountains again and assemble the new cases to the GS and GET RIDING ! So, if you want to book any time with us….. CHECK OUR CALENDAR for available space !

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