MORE new toys for us…..

I finally pulled the trigger on a navigation system for the motorbike. 4 years ago I was looking at the Garmin 2610, the successor of the old Streetpilot system. At the time it was some 1700 Euros all inclusive. Yikes ! Too much for this ol’ boy!

I kept track of all the systems and prices over the years, while using my Compaq iPaq PDA with TomTom on it to get us from A to B. Worked pretty well in the car, but not at all on the bike. Then came the TomTom Rider. A lot cheaper than any Garmin and made specially for riders. But with it came a lot of bad press as well. So I held out. Even when Rider II appeared.

Although flawed in many ways, TomTom DID make garmin swallow and finally come up with a more friendly priced system of their own, the Garmin Zumo series.

Being able to reclaim the VAT now, the entire system (and installed by myself, see ‘Technical stuff’ on the right) now cost me some 615 Euros…… now THERE’S a difference eh?

Europe… here we come again !!!!!

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