Gone for too long

That’s the problem of having a busy life….. and few customers: no time to update the website. Truth is I posted most of the motor riding news on Facebook and on the BMWST forums, leaving precious little time to update things here. But, riding season is coming closer again here in northern Europe, so lets start posting again.

Nina and I did a lot of riding last Summer and we never had the time to report on those journeys. So I’ll be starting work on that too. I made some 7000 photos and that is part of the problem. Too many to choose from !

On another note, we’re getting ready to get us a company car. right now we’re looking at the Mercedes Viano as the most likely candidate. It will allow us to not only move a trailer with bikes, but also additional luggage and people to/from departure points! Lets hope we can trade the Jeep in……

Our first ‘event’ this year will be the BMW RT ride in Holland on April 25th. Will report on that when the time is there!

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