Fuel info

General Information
  AA Roadwatch Current European Fuel Prices


  German language page, Austrian automobile club. Lots of information on pricing and location.
Fuel Belgium   Dutch (Flemish) language site showing petrol prices by region.

French language website comparing fuel prices in France. Click on a region, then click on the arrows in the coloured fuel symbols to sort the lists on fuel and price. Also shows gas stations and prices on Google Maps. BIG differences in pricing so it pays to check!

And another site with fuel prices; Carbu.fr

    Clever Tank has loads of information on petrol prices throughout Germany. German language.
 Benzinpreise.de   Gasoline-Germany.com has an interesting view on gas prices and predicts raise and decrease of the prices by region. Not so handy when on the road, but interesting for statisticians.
The Netherlands
  Tango fuel station chain (some 100 locations). They offer cheap fuel, need to pay by credit/debit card only. Click a name in the field and find the nearest station. Also files to download to your Garmin or TomTom. Dutch.
Various countries


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