French Rules – for UK Riders

Via one of our valued contacts we got THIS LINK outlining ‘what’s different’ in France. Well, regarding motoring laws and such…… we could fill 3 entire websites if we’d that that too literally … *grin*.

Especially about the breathalysers, ethylotests, alcohol testers or whatever else you may want to call them, be aware that The Police – aka Les Gendarmes – will only start writing tickets to foreigners after November 1st ! Until then you can play innocent.

ALSO because the bloody things cannot be found anywhere to buy in the country ! ‘Sold out’! Yeah, right. I got an extremely amazed stare when I asked about them at our local gas station, The Place where one should obtain them according to the French Bureaucrats !

Last but not least, since the fine for NOT having two of the retched things in the car/bike appears to be only 11 Euros, many French have already declared to keep 11 Euros handy in the car. Takes up less space and according to generally accepted scientific probability calculations it will be much cheaper than to buy them anyway (and buy them again when the expiration date lapsed in a year!!).

Just so you know.


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