First bookings for 2009

Hi everybody. As you already figured from the absence of much activity here, we are very busy! Busy with the Internet work I do, but also with preparing the 2009 riding season. We did some (delayed) scouting in September and found you some great new roads to discover in the Alps. I’ll be posting a story about the trips later in November.

We also are starting to get the first preliminary bookings for the next season, so if you have any plans to visit Europe next year, then do not wait too long with contacting us ! We hope petrol prices will remain at their current low (yeah, right!) and the Dollar will crawl back a little after the elections (maybe!).

The economic downturn does not have only negative effects. Sure, people may have less money to spend (or less confidence in doing so), but competition will be fiercer, especially in the travel industry, so lodging prices may drop a little too. We’ll keep an eye on it for you of course!

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