EuropeRides turns FREE

EuropeRides continues as a free service

As some of you may know I retired last year October. That is to say, I turned 65. Which for poor Dutch people like me does NOT mean I get any retirement money yet. Our fine government and bankers leeches have decided to change the rules and pay back our money only when we turn 66 or 67. Still, I stopped my Silver Cloud Publishing company, which was also the umbrella for many of my other commercial activities. And I decided to calm down, take things more relaxed. Living in Italy now that is both a desire and a inevitability. NOTHING goes fast here, except for stressed car drivers.
I already stopped my active commercial tour guiding last year as you may recall. However….. since I put so much time in this website and its research, I think it would be a waste to nuke it. So EuropeRides will live on. But on a bit more relaxed basis, and only offering FREE services. (Last year we already toured with some US BMW friends, showing them around for a day in our new neck of the woods!). Oh, the exception being the DONATE button on this and my other sites, so I can at least pay the Internet bills and keep the sites alive. 


BMWST forum 

I will also RETURN to my favorite (US) motorcycle forum,, and be more active there. All this fell by the wayside when a couple years ago the care for my old Dad took precedence. And at about the same time we started our adventures finding this house in Italy. And ultimately emigrating to this new (for us) country. I’ll be telling more about that both here and on the BMWST forums.

Meanwhile, let us know what other information you’d like to see on and I’ll see if I can oblige. Hoping the number of visitors will rise again and they will find some benefit of visiting !

Keep the rubber down!!!

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