EuropeRides is changing

Okay folks…. after much thought and sleepless nights it is official now: I will stop offering guided tours.

Instead, EuropeRides will change into a motor travel info site and company. That means most of the content on this website (and on the other places listed below) will remain the same. And I still MAY do the occasional tour for friends and help you build your itinerary. But basically I will relieve myself of the stress of doubt whether or not I can still run a multi-day or multi-week riding tour. I just decided I can no lounger find the energy, stamina and focus to take that responsibility upon myself.

So, from now on I’ll send you to other, younger, tour guides and companies when inquiring for a guided tour and/or motorcycle rental.

This will give me more peace of mind, less stress and more time to actually work on my travel stories, travel photography and motorcycle news.

I hope you’ll continue to visit my pages once every while. You can find my motorcycle related exploits on THIS website, but also on Facebook here, and on with the EuropeRides MotorMag.

Thanks for reading and wishing you many and safe travels !

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