Back in the saddle soon

SCP_1690-1600This is the first winter that I haven’t started the BMW(‘s). Shame on me !

And we did not even HAVE a winter in the sense of cold, ice and snow. Haven’t seen any of it. But since we returned from France last September we have been in some (partly self-inflicted) turmoil, now resulting in buying a house in the beautiful green heart of Italy, the province of Umbria…… and having to sell our lovely little place in France! (Interested? check it out here!)

Everything together, including a lot of other things and projects both business and private, have kept me/us from riding ever since :-( The GS now needs to be transported from France to either Holland or Italy (not sure yet, depending on the bureaucrats – and they are bad in both countries), and money has been used to travel to and fro Italy. We’ll be heading there soon again.

So, yes, I will re-start activities on EuropeRides (and the various websites) as soon as I can but for now you’ll have to make do with my presence on Facebook and the EuropeRides Motor Magazine (by…..

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