A Kingdom for my Castle…..

… some famous man must have said this at some point in history….. or so the legend goes.

Here’s one of my ride tales posted on the US BMW SportTouring forums quite a few years ago.

This week the weather forecasters announced us the remains of Rita and Phillipe…. and sure enough, today it is windy and raining. So I figured I’d better charge the old RT battery and get it running before it is too late.

But where to go? I think I’ve shown you just about everythi9ng around here…. ah! But wait ! Did I show you ‘our castle’ !?

I used to be a real castle freak.. when I was a kid I would draw castles and knights, battles and ruins….. Holland had some 2000 (known) castles…. we now areleft with a fair amount of castle ruins…
But.. there are also quite a few castles left.. and restored in their old glory ! Due to the sinking soil this is a very expensive ‘hobby’…. walls keep cracking open and some real engineering feats have been achieved to save some of the heritage.

Let’s get riding…. I’ll take you along from Hoorn to Medemblik, along the way passing through some villages that are as old as the castle at the end of the trip… early 1200’s !!

Churches always make for good photos 


I stopped in the village of Midwoud (which means ‘middle forest’; there is but one forest in all of this part of the country, and it was planted after the 2nd WW…. but way back in time there must have been forests here. Many of the little villages around are called ‘something-forest).


Another historic place… this is Twisk. The picture is not so special, I was looking for samples of houses for Steve Hebert
The brick roads are funny, aren’t they? (Especially when it rains and with wet leaves on them … ).


Between Twisk and Medemblik…. this is what most of the northern part of the province looks like. Still some cabbage on the fields, but most everything is gone by now…


The old Zuiderzee dike and road, almost in Medemblik now…..


This was one of the pumping stations (built in 1869) that would get the water out and gain us some land…… Now a steam engine museum !


And here… is the castle….. Or rather, what’s left of it and restored. This is about 1/4 of the actual castle… I’ll add some weblinks with history and pictures… hopefully I’ll find one in English too.


Radboud Castle lies next to the harbor entrance….. and in the little harbor was this ‘thing’ !!! Wow ! Is it a schooner? (I am no expert). She was called ‘Summertime’…. fittingly now that the summer is leaving us once more….
Notice also the little old houses… all restored…


A ‘sort’ of history.. BMW exists for some time….. with ancient history….


In case of doubt….. yup, it was there…. <grin>


Some impressions of the immediate surroundings. The lake is the IJsselmeer, which you see in many of my photos. It is the former Zuiderzee…. when the castle was built and ‘in action’ this was basically a ‘bay’ of the North Sea.


A view on the castle. To the right is the main hall (knights would gather there), on the left is the place one of the 4 corner towers stood, the castle wall would run along the moat to the right. Three corner towers and connecting walls are gone, the main entrance tower is gone too….. 



When I was shooting pictures the sun and clouds were kind to me…. they helped me show where the name of my company comes from:


It was pretty windy as usual (I even used my earplugs for once !!!), so a great day for sailing. I was a bit envious of these people who came back from a great day on the water no doubt


One of the ugliest town halls that I know of…. the one in Medemblik at the end of Main Street.


I couldn’t leave you without a picture of one of our mills, now could I? This one was used for grinding, not for pumping.


Medemblik seen from the ‘outside’….. I am standing on a dike that wasn’t there in the old days, enclosing one of the newer polders. That’s the town hall again….. yechch!


A parting shot of the RT and the southern part of town, looking into the polder southwest.


I hope you liked my little tour…. here are some of the ‘castle links’ I found for you.





Some in English, some just for piccies….


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