A better Garmin screw

Did you already lose your pesky little Garmin screwdriver and are now stuck with your Zumo firmly mounted on your bike?

How many times have you cursed the finicky little thing, fumbling for the screw driver on your key chain and wondering why on earth Garmin didn’t make the top at least rotate so you do NOT have to turn your entire key chain to unscrew your Zumo security!!??

I found a solution (thanks to someone on the BMWST forum). Marco Boelis, who lives 12 km’s from my place, can provide you with a replacement screw, one that’s made of stainless steel and one you can turn in and out with YOUR FINGERS!

Throw away the stupid screw driver (unless you REALLY believe that pesky screw wil prevent your unit from being stolen) and order one of Marco’s screws! I’ve put up a special page about it here !

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