We got our Contour HD now too

Can’t have the thing recommended on your site without actually owning it, now can you. Unfortunately the US manufacturer is very US-centered and hence not very friendly to resellers abroad, so I had to buy one. Still, I figure it will allow us to make you ‘ ride with us’  on our tours, so I think it is money well spent.

I had planned to film our flight over the Cote d’Azur with friend Didier, but that obviously didn’t pan out because of the above. We’re now back in Holland and the BMW is still in France. So, I’ll be testing the setup in the Mercedes and will figure out how to mount the camera on the BMW in a few weeks. Hopefully the weather will be better than the past few weeks!

We’re planning on riding to Italy, so that should make for some good footage.

Meanwhile, here’s some information on what I am talking about…..



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