New use for my smartphone

Of course you all being smart smartphone users, and I nothing but a rookie, you’ve all found this long time ago! But for me it was a brain wave! As Nina and I also hike the mountain trails in our are, besides riding the BMW, I always pack a lot of ‘ordnance maps’. I collect them too since many years. And so I actually hate using them because they get all crumpled, folded and tear on the folds eventually.

Today it struck me that maybe I could copy part of the map by making a picture with my HTC smartphone. And indeed, it works….. clear enough to read the names on the map and see the trails. And I can even enlarge the image ! It only takes two pictures for a typical trail and with two more we could cover a day’s hiking!

I’m so proud of myself……….. *grin*


P.S. and YES, I know about all sorts of ‘apps’ and the built-in GPS and map in my phone. But I need a ‘connection’ for most of those and I don’t have enough money to be able to afford that here on my Dutch subscription. So there.

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