A SECOND motorbike?

We have more or less decided that we want one. A second motorbike. Used. (Even) more comfortable in the mountains, i.e. steering through the hairpins even easier than our RT. Did I mention ‘used’?

We’ve thought about this long and hard and come to the conclusion that I (specifically) would just LOVE to have a GS-ish sort of motorbike in the mountains, but that WE do NOT want to give up our trusty 1150RT. And we’re certainly not rich in any way, so getting a new bike – first or second – in this current economic climate will be totally out of the question. For the rest of our life, by the looks of it. So there.

So I like the better handling. We also like NOT having to bring the RT on a trailer, and back. And it would be nice to have a second bike for visitors, just in case. All of this before I’m too old to enjoy it ! Damn the torpedoes!

A friend of mine has a beautiful 1200GS, but he’s too expensive. And that got me looking around, in Netherlands and in France, at other BMW’s, but also at Suzuki, KTM and even Honda. There are the BMW F650 GS Dakar, the F800GS, but also V-Strom, KTM 950 and a bunch of less-frequently offered ‘off-roads’.

Oh, and no, we’re NOT going off-road. I just like the way these bikes handle in the twisties and with less distance and less bad weather to cover. For a quick trip to Frankfurt, Hannover, Normandy or Duesseldorf the 1150RT will remain the ideal weapon of choice!

So, no idea what will happen ultimately, but hopefully we will not be trailering the RT to France this Summer !

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